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Project description

The amphitheatre and stage at Alma Treloar Reserve in Cockatoo is being upgraded to increase inclusion and participation of people with disability by enhancing access and reducing barriers.     

The amphitheatre project is part of the ongoing implementation of the Alma Treloar Reserve Masterplan.

Upgrade works includes rebuilding the existing amphitheatre and stage using recycled materials to reduce maintenance costs, installing a new shade sail, a picnic and BBQ area, accessible ramps, seating, tables, and landscaping. 

These upgrades were endorsed by Cardinia Shire’s Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee, which includes local people with a lived experience of disability, carers, as well as representatives of community groups, disability organisations and Councillors.   


The project is jointly funded by Council, the Victorian Government’s Growing Suburbs Fund and the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program.


Progress update

Construction works are well underway on the amphitheatre and stage, with works scheduled for completion in August 2024.

The shelters, BBQs and seating have been installed.

Continued delays have been encountered with significant design revisions being required from the initial design to improve all abilities accessibility.

A shade sail will be installed over the stage following completion of the amphitheatre. 

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Project Highlights
  • Expected to be completed in August 2024