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The Strategic Sealed Roads Project will create strategic links, to existing sealed roads, in locations where they are needed most and will deliver the most benefit. This will reduce environmental impacts associated with unsealed roads including run-off and dust, while improving comfort and service levels for road-users.  


Council will seal the full 6km length of Dore Road, Nar Nar Goon.  

Project description

Works will include:

  • Road pavement construction
  • Kerb and channel construction (as needed)
  • Drainage works
  • Signage, guardrails and line markings

Dore Rd is the first project where council has used ground penetrating radar technology to conduct environmental surveys and create a 3D model of the trees and their roots above and below ground.  

With over 1000 trees surrounding Dore Rd, the GPR has helped inform: 

  • The location and depth of existing tree roots 
  • if road levels can be adjusted to avoid and preserve certain areas. 
  • which tree roots will remain viable throughout construction and, which trees and their roots will need to be removed. 

Without using the GPR surveys, it’s estimated that over 340 trees could have been removed as part of the Dore Rd sealing upgrade works. Thanks to these GPR surveys, we have been able to save 95% of these identified trees along Dore Rd. 


Cardinia Shire Council has invested $25 million into the Strategic Sealed Roads Project.

The Dore Road upgrade is funded jointly by Council and the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure fund.


Progress update

Works have now started on Dore Road.

Upgrade works on Dore Road are underway and have not yet been completed.

Spray sealing was recently completed and line marking, signage and guardrail replacement works are upcoming.

Upgrades are expected to be completed by September 2024, conditions permitting.


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Project Highlights
  • Construction started in early March 2024
  • Pavement seal preparation is underway
  • Road sealing to be completed shortly but is weather dependent
  • Linct Group has been awarded as the contract for the Dore Rd upgrades.