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Council will renew, rehabilitate and repair 4 local roads across 4 townships under the 2023-24 Road Renewal Program.


In 2023–24, Council plans to rehabilitate 3.8 kilometres of the existing road network.


In 2022-2023, Council has worked to rehabilitate, repair, and reconstruct 4.7kms of its existing roads network that were in poor condition.


Road renewal works or rehabilitation is a full rebuilding of the road pavement. We do these works when the road pavement has lost its strength and can no longer be repaired.


This may be due to the road’s age or heavy usage. It may have potholes, rutting, cracking, and other issues.


The old road material is dug out and either reused on the same project or another suitable project.  A combination of new and recycled material is then used to build a new road pavement, starting with the layers under the surface and finishing off with the black top surface.


We may rehabilitate sections of a road or the entire road, depending on what’s needed.

Project description

These works are part of the 2023–24 annual works program. 

Suburb  Road name  Section of road 
Koo Wee Rup North & Nar Nar Goon  Seven Mile Road  Ballarto Rd to 82m West of Bunyip River Rd 
Pakenham  Bald Hill Road  100m East of Coop Rd to 50m West of Coop Rd 
Pakenham  Bald Hill Road  150m East of McDonalds Drain Rd to 180m East of Ryan Rd South
Tynong  Nine Mile Road  Nar Nar Goon Longwarry Rd to 60m North of driveway No.177 


Resurfacing and rehabilitation programs are jointly funded by Council and the Australian Government’s Roads to Recovery Program. 

Progress update

Works started in November 2023 and all the rehabilitation works have now been completed.


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Project Highlights
  • Works are now complete (as of mid-March 2024)