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Project description

Located between Beaconsfield’s two major commercial precincts, Jim Parkes Reserve is a green space in the town centre that serves surrounding residential areas and has been identified for revitalisation this financial year.


Currently developed with children’s play equipment and a picnic shelter, we want to know what you think of the Draft Masterplan that has been developed with consideration of the Beaconsfield Structure Plan and community input.


The Beaconsfield Structure Plan (2013) identifies Jim Parkes as a key open space within the town centre that has the potential to offer amenity to a wider spectrum of the community and become a highly valued public space in Beaconsfield.


The plan identifies the opportunity to provide a better relationship between the commercial land and the park and significantly increase passive surveillance of the space.


This project is currently funded by Council.

Progress update

Council recently completed community consultation on the existing reserve and amenities.

Detailed designs are now being completed.

Construction is expected to start in early 2024.

Previous community consultation on Jim Parkes Reserve Masterplan

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Project Highlights
  • Final design plans will be presented to the community in December 2023