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Project description

Council is completing staged maintenance works on the Clearwater Drive wetlands in Pakenham.

The Clearwater Drive wetlands have been engineered to collect and treat rainfall generated from surface runoff, before discharging it into the Pakenham Lakeside reserve and ultimately the receiving waterways.

Sediment and pollutants generated from our waterways and stormwater pose significant risks to our lakes and wetlands.

Properly constructed and maintained wetland systems can effectively manage the level of pollutants, and vegetation is a key element of ensuring that this happens.

As the existing vegetation coverage of Clearwater Drive Wetland is lower than desired, maintenance works are required to restore the vegetation.

The scope of the works includes:

  • weeds management
  • topsoil preparation.
  • rock works for repairing the outlet weir and constructing bank accesses.
  • re-planting once all preparation works are completed.


Completed works will restore the treatment performance, habitat, and the natural amenity of the wetlands. Constructed rock ramps with safety barriers, including timber logs will function as designated access to the wetland for protection of the perimeter vegetation and the embankment from erosion.



These works are funded by Council 


Progress update

Delivery of the works will be staged, with weed control, topsoil and rock works underway in April and completed by end of May, conditions permitting.

Replanting will take place during Spiring 2024, when the weather is more ideal.

The site remains open to residents during the staged works, with minimal footpath closures and fencing in place.

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