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Project description

To improve community safety and access, Council is replacing the existing timber boardwalk on the wetland area along Fieldstone Blvd and Beaconsfield-Emerald Road. 

The Beaconsfield boardwalk replacement work will be completed as part of Council’s Bridge Renewal Program. 

The existing footpath network in Beaconsfield wetland area consists of timber boardwalks and concrete pathways, which were constructed around 20 years ago during the development of Berwick Views Estate. 

This project will fully replace the existing timber boardwalk on the wetland area north of Fieldstone Blvd and runs parallel to Beaconsfield-Emerald Road. 

The treated pine components used in this structure have reached the end of their serviceable life and now require replacement before the structure completely fails.

The existing timber boardwalk will be replaced with different materials in sections including new timber, retaining wall and granitic sand footpath. 



Council is fully funding the 2023-24 Bridge Renewal Program. Council has invested $1 million into its Bridge Renewal program in the 2023-2024 budget. 

Progress update

Detailed designs have been completed, and RK & JA Kent & Co. Pty Ltd has been appointed as the contractor for these works. 

Works are now underway and are expected to be completed by early June 2024, conditions permitting 

In addition to this project, vegetation works are scheduled for this week, which will involve the removal of trees near these areas for clearance. 



  • Traffic management and footpath closures will be in place throughout the works. 
  • Temporary fencing will be installed around the wetlands and boardwalk 
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Project Highlights
  • Works are underway
  • Detailed designs have been completed