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The Strategic Sealed Roads Project will create strategic links, to existing sealed roads, in locations where they are needed most and will deliver the most benefit. This will reduce environmental impacts associated with unsealed roads including run-off and dust, while improving comfort and service levels for road-users.  


Council will seal the entire length of Huxtable Rd, which equals 3.3 kilometres.

Project description

Works will include:

  • Road pavement construction
  • Kerb and channel construction (as needed)
  • Drainage works
  • Signage, guardrails and line markings


Cardinia Shire Council has invested $25 million into the Strategic Sealed Roads Project.

Progress update

The finalisation of the design and environmental permit application has been delayed.

Environmental assessments are ongoing, which will inform the vegetation removal planning permit application required to undertake the works.

Design design-icon
Project Highlights
  • Designs and environmental investigations are underway