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As part of the Strategic Sealed Roads program, Council has upgraded McGregor Road and Soldiers Road in Rythdale.

The full length of McGregor Road was sealed and Soldiers Road from McGregor Road to Hobson Road has been completed.

Works are still outstanding on Hobsons Road.


Project description

Works included:

  • Road pavement construction
  • Kerb and channel construction (as needed)
  • Drainage works
  • Signage, guardrails and line marking

We are focused on reducing our environmental impact and protecting native vegetation and wildlife during road projects.

These roads now have solar-powered markers and street lighting at intersections and traffic islands, lighting the way for motorists with clean renewable energy while improving road safety for all users.

More than 1500 tonnes of recycled glass were used in the project, decreasing the percentage of quarried materials required in the pavement, and improving environmental outcomes.

Three 3000k solar wildlife sensitive lights have been installed at key intersections and bends along McGregor and Soldiers Roads in Rythdale.

Wildlife sensitive lighting is being trialled across the shire, as part of road upgrade projects.

The trial aims to reduce the impact of artificial lighting on local wildlife including the Crescent Honeyeater, echidnas, Gould’s wattle bat and the Australian Painted Lady Butterfly.

It involves using warm, amber coloured LED globes with reduced blue-white light to maintain key natural, bodily processes. These lights are directed down at the road to reduce light spill and glare for nearby wildlife.

Wildlife sensitive lighting uses similar technology to, turning on the blue-light filter on your phone, as warmer lights are more natural and therefore have more natural effects on your body.

Warm, amber-coloured lights have been found to improve and regulate sleep, behaviour, feeding, growth, development, and reproduction in wildlife.



Council has invested $25 million into the Strategic Sealed Roads Project. We’re proposing to seal about 40 kilometres of local unsealed roads in 7 locations across the shire.


Progress update

Works on McGregor Road and Soldiers Road were completed in late 2022.

Works are still outstanding on a section of Hobsons Road, Rythdale due to a desalination pipeline. Visit the Hobsons Road project page for more information.



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Project Highlights
  • McGregor Road & Soldiers Road are sealed and completed
  • Works are outstanding on Hobsons Road