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The Gippsland Rail Line upgrade will be delivered by the Victorian Government as part of Victoria’s Big Build. It will include upgrades to Bunyip rail station.


The Gippsland Line Upgrade will enable much-needed extra off-peak services such as track duplication, a crossing loop extension and second platforms at stations that will provide more opportunities for trains to pass each other.


The upgrade will deliver more frequent and reliable train services to the growing communities of Gippsland and create 500 jobs in the region.


Project description

Bunyip Station

A second platform is being added to allow more frequent and reliable services and so more trains can pass each other.

The pedestrian crossing is being relocated to near the northern entrance of the station. This will better connect the town’s north and south, and boost accessibility and safety.

Accessible car parking spaces are being built close to platform entrances. A sheltered entrance and priority seating is included.

The project is also delivering 30 new car parking spaces on behalf of the Victorian Government’s Car Parks for Commuters program.

For more information, visit Victoria’s Big Build website.




This project is being delivered by the Victorian Government in partnership with the Federal Government.

Progress update

A new signalling system is being installed along the line, which will allow for more services and greater reliability.

More disruptions will be taking place to finalise our work and complete safety testing and driver training.

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Project Highlights
  • Major construction on the second platforms at Bunyip station is now complete.