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Project description

Cardinia Road Employment Precinct PSP was endorsed in 2010 and included significant upgrades along Cardinia Road.

Some upgrades have been completed in recent years, allowing access into Kaduna Park residential estate and upgrades to the freeway roundabout.

Developers* are currently completing road upgrade works on Cardinia Road in Officer South. Kaduna Business Park and Southpoint Business Park are delivering these works.

Works will include:

  • Further upgrades to the intersection at the Freeway, duplication of the southern exit and footpath connections.
  • Duplication of Cardinia Road between Centenary Boulevard and the freeway roundabout and from Centenary Blvd to the Kaduna Business Park entrance.
  • Footpath installation linking into the freeway bridge and then into Officer.
  • Creation of a roundabout at Cardinia Road and Centenary Boulevard which also includes creation of the fourth leg of the intersection to the east to facilitate development further east.
  • Creation of a roundabout at Cardinia Road and the entrance to Kaduna Business Park
  • Creation of a signalised T-intersection at Cardinia Road and future Thompsons Road

These upgrades will improve connectivity and safety along Cardinia Road, both for residents and those travelling through.


*Please note that this is NOT a Council project or being delivered by Council – this project is being delivered by third-party developers.


This is an external project and is jointly funded by PSP Contributions though the Cardinia Road Employment Precinct PSP and the developers of the surrounding estates.


Progress update

Construction has begun on the road upgrade works south of the Kaduna Homestead, including road widening and intersection works.

The bulk of the intersection works are expected to be completed by the end of 2024, with further duplication works happening in 2025 as development continues*.

*Current construction plans are indicative only, and subject to change based on weather/equipment availability.

  • Traffic management and lane closures are in place. Portable traffic lights are being used to direct traffic through the operational lane.
  • On average, delays of 10 minutes are expected.

Please obey all signs and instructions from traffic management staff, to keep all drivers, pedestrians, and contractors safe.


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Project Highlights
  • Developers are completing road upgrade works on Cardinia Road in Officer South.