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Rix Road and Stephens Road | Officer

Project description

Private developer YourLand Developments is delivering upgrade works on Rix Road and Stephens Road, Officer.

The developer is delivering these upgrades as part of the Officer Central development works, which are in line with the Officer Precinct Structure Plan (PSP).

The upgrades include:

  • Construction of a roundabout at the Rix Road and Stephens Road intersection.
  • Construction of Rix Road to include a second carriageway, median and on-street parking.
  • Construction of Stephens Road to include a second carriageway, median and on-street parking.
  • Lighting
  • Drainage
  • Landscaping and associated works


The upgraded road network will:

  • Improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Enhance road capacity and traffic flow.
  • Better connect and enhance accessibility for residents and businesses.
  • Support economic growth and development in the area.

Please note that these works are separate from the planned Council-delivered upgrades to Rix Road and Brunt Road in Officer.

Project in focus
Once completed, the future roundabout at Stephens Road will provide an alternative access point out and into the estate, about 600 metres from the future Lincoln Avenue/Rix Road intersection. This will cater for vehicles which would otherwise turn right out of Park Central Avenue.

Additionally, in future. Rix Road and Campanella Avenue will be converted to a roundabout. Meanwhile, the nearby Lincoln Avenue will connect to Brunt Road via a new roundabout, which will be constructed as part of the wider project.


Developer contributions

Progress update

Works are expected to start from July 2024 and be completed in mid 2025, weather conditions permitting.


  • Traffic management will be in place, which may include reduced speed limits, and traffic and footpath detours.


The works will include permanent changes to traffic conditions, including:

  • Lifestyle Officer/Ethereal Way will be restricted to ‘left in’ and ‘left out’ on Rix Road, due to median changes.
  • Carona Lane, Dakota Street and Carnegie Street will be restricted to have ‘left in’ and ‘left out’ access to Stephens Road, due to the median construction.
  • However, Lincoln Avenue will continue to have ‘full’ access to Stephens Road through with a new southbound right-turn lane.
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Project Highlights
  • Works are scheduled to start from July 2024
  • This project is not being delivered by Council